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[июн. 28, 2009|12:29 am]


Мне тут по почте прислали не смешное письмо.

My dear customers,

Today I received a message from my japanese supplier of new Blythe dolls. I have placed a pre-order of 40 Blythe Casual Affair but it seems that only 2 will be sent :-(

There is a rumor about TakaraTomy that says the company is reducing the production of Blythe dolls. I have already noticed that this last edition was taking too long to appear and no more dolls have been announced (only Casual Affair and the Anniversary doll).

I'm trying to find alternative suppliers for those who have payed for the pre-order. And I will contact each personally about this issue.

I also read today that the company Jun Planning (the producer of Pullip, DAL and other dolls) filed for bankrupcy. I know that they have announced dolls until September but I have no idea what will happen next. Even though I'm not personally a Pullip or DAL collector, I was very sad and upset to hear about this.

I hope that TakaraTomy can still produce Blythe dolls and I also hope their prices won't skyrocket with this international crisis.

Japan was one of the countries that has been struggling to survive and some business colapsed :-(

I will let you know more as soon as I have news. Until then I will keep buying dolls in japanese auctions and even if prices are a bit higher than the ones I liked, it's the only way to have dolls for sale.

Thanks for reading!

У подруги та же ситуация, но с другим сайтом. У кого-нибудь есть еще какая-нибудь информация? И туда тоже кризис добрался чтоли?


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[User Picture]From: tanu_atyasowa
2009-06-27 10:04 pm
Я тоже расстроена. И из-за такого известия и из-за куклы. Как кризис мог сюда добраться? ох.. в общем просто беда (((
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[User Picture]From: tanu_atyasowa
2009-06-28 09:54 am
Да, я грустю.
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